Thursday, December 24, 2009

hurting but

Stef was stiff after her sojourn on the beautiful island this week.

A sibling seemed sickly, and the bike ride was fun - but a challenge:

" was extremely tiring, there was like so many uphills and I srsly have no energy left so I push the bike up :D, well my parents did it as well >>"
it was about 12/13 km man ._. I cycled so much, my but hurts like crap cuz the bicycle seat was so amn hard, and on the way we saw a quokka , its actually really cute :D".

The flies were monstrous, but the Dome lunch was satisfying and there was fun on the beach.

Paul's experience of Rottnest was a little disquieting.

There are "views to the Rottnest Island" from where he was, and his view is "only a stoner throw away" from a park - but I'd rather not have read about "Matti's Virgin Camping Experience".

Merry Xmas - see you after the faux-turkey.

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