Friday, January 16, 2009

sexy sinecure

It works out at more than $3000 per blog post.

Surely you've seen stories about Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays wanting to hire someone to live there for six months? Here's one in the New York Times ('Temp Job in Paradise').

Some reports say the job's website is crashing 'cos of the interest:
certainly we haven't been able to see the conditions of the gig. But if you're getting $150,000 and you only have to blog once a week, it's a sexy sinecure.

We're disappointed to report to you Rottnest is not considering a similar stunt. This is unfortunate and short-sighted. Let's compare Hamilton Island with our own jewel...

FACT: Hamilton resembles a deformed Mickey Mouse-style head, while ours looks like a graceful drumstick.

FACT: Hamilton is plagued by putt-putting and farting golf buggies, whereas WA's "summer holiday playground" has non-polluting bikes.

FACT: Hamilton is owned by a crowd called the Oatley family: Rotto is by the people, for the people (or is supposed to be, at least).

FACT: "Hamilton Island has a collection of wet drowned mountains", according to Wikipedia, while the very same source says our island is a "well-maintained wildlife preserve".

FACT: The name of the place in Queensland makes one think of a over-tanned superannuated movie star and/or an over-muscled Saturn-winning movie star terrified of the Terminator, while Rottnest makes one think of...heaven.

OK: clearly we don't need a $150K blogger on Rottnest, as the beautiful island doesn't need it.


  1. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Did I see you being interviewed on TV news tonight? (Fri)


  2. Outrage, are you allowed to shower on Rotto now? I remember having to line up at the shower block, or running the gauntlet and using Grandad's illegal hose and shower head arrangement attached to the back tap.

    Using the baby bath got a bit embarrasing when I was 17...

    We doing that book?

  3. rotto so much better than hamilton, but whilst you are doing the blogging there is no need to pay anyone to do it..