Friday, January 30, 2009

rotto crime wave

More than five per cent of Rottnest homes were broken in to during the last financial year.

The beautiful island is worse for breaks-ins than Scarborough, Gosnells, Fremantle and Cannington.

Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout Willis? It is so, according to this strange blog, which doesn’t list the source for the data.

Rotto Bloggo is sceptical. The place isn’t immune to crime, to be sure (remember that illegal beach drinking?) but are that many villas and bungalows violated?

Also puzzling is this blog: “Over the Christmas break I managed to get across to Rottnest for a day and take a couple of photos.”

But there aren’t any photos.

Much more satisfying and informative was this Beatrice Thomas story in The West this week on the woes of the planned luxury hotel.

‘The planned 4½-star, 120-room complex overlooking Longreach Bay has been touted as the island’s most sumptuous accommodation but has been bogged down with contractual issues. It culminated in claims last month by the Rottnest Society and a prominent developer that the project would be scrapped because of the economic downturn.’

We could have a decision on whether the hotel is a goer today.

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  1. Quokkas man, they get into everything.

    That and the significant rise in herring smokers.