Tuesday, January 13, 2009

like a drumstick

A bloke called Andrew Bain is the latest to extol the virtues of the beautiful island.

Andrew's effort - here in The Age - is better than the usual. It's the first description we've seen of quokkas being Lilliputian. Rotto is "drumstick-shaped". Little Salmon Bay is a "jewel".

And he likes a board game: "The island gift shop even sells a "Rottnest Island Cycle" board game, celebrating the island's reputation as a virtual velodrome in the sea."

It's illustrated with a Lonely Planet pic of Longreach Bay.

Strangely-shaped drumstick. Let's hope he got to Brett Heady's Family Fun Centre as well.

We were talking today with a copper who was on Rotto for many years. He said the biggest problem are mobile phones. Before mobiles, people had to schlep to a phone box to report things. But now if there's a loud party next door they can call from the safety of their villa. He didn't appreciate the instant communication.

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