Friday, January 23, 2009

hungry for rotto

Rotto is the place to get in shape for a figure competition.

We know this because Jehanne Newby is starving herself and doing lots of walking so she can get down to 53kg. But even people in training for hard-body heaven need to relax...

'Had a sweet time in Rottnest with my gf Kath - it was a stinker day back in perth - 40deg or something - so out on the island it was cooler and just perfect for us. We swam, snorkelled, ate, lay in the sun and enjoyed our jet ride home! I am planning on an overnighter trip to Rottnest sometime soon - stay in one of the villas on the beach front and ride around the island (its about 25km round trip I think) to some cool little secluded snorkel spots - might wait for the kiddies to all go back to school though.'

Her blog post has a link to some Rotto pics on her Facebook site.

What a good idea (staying in a villa). It's only about four months until Rotto Bloggo is scheduled to be on the beautiful island...


  1. lizabeth9:01 PM

    ewwww, there should have been some sort of warning before the link!

  2. come on lizabeth: you're just jealous you're not as hard-bodied as Jehanne...