Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Rotto Bloggo is set to enjoy a tidal wave of publicity: we've been asked to appear in the Rottnest Islander, which is 'your essential guide to WA's holiday island'.

There's no URL, but the RI is published we think quarterly. If we remember rightly the first issue was spring last year.

We assume the Rottnest Island Authority pay for it - which is why we were a tad surprised to be invited to write about Rotto Bloggo. We're not always 100 per cent fulsome about the RIA. The island itself - no worries there.

We'll whip something together and send it off by COB tomorrow. It will be, we promise, superior to this account which was recently on Reuters (which Rotto Bloggo naturally pronounced as 'Rooters' when he was a teenager, much to his vast amusement).

Reuters' angle is how to spend 48 hours in Perth: "Reuters correspondents with local knowledge help visitors get the most from a short visit".

It's commendable they urge you to visit the beautiful island, but their schedule would be a stretch. On Saturday you're supposed to job 9.5km through the city, then have an 8am Dome coffee somewhere on the (bleak windswept) Terrace - and then be at Hillarys at 9 for the ferry to Rotto.

"Its coral reefs make for fantastic diving and snorkeling; hidden bays and deserted cycle paths wait to be explored. The small marsupial quokka -- a bit like a small kangaroo -- only exists on this island and in some parts they have become very tame," opines Reuters (never mind about those quokkas down south).

But then at 1pm you're back on the mainland, pigging out somewhere in Cottesloe! Would you really spend only two or so hours on the beautiful island?

(Larissa certainly spends a lot more time there - next gripping 500 words tomorrow...)

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