Monday, June 02, 2008

orwell that ends well

The links between Rotto and some other things aren't always apparent, so we're grateful to Perth Now for revealing the link between the beautiful island and Big Brother.

(Wait a minute. Thinking about it, there's already a link. Big Brother rules Oceania, of which Rotto is a part. We're all Ingsoc speakers).

But we digress. 'PERTH real estate agent Terrence Hardie - 51 - is undaunted by the prospect of mixing with a younger generation when he enters the Big Brother house on Sunday', reported PN on the weekend.

Terrence loves West Perth, wants to comprehend Gen Y - and spends time twice a year on Rottnest.

'Hope he does his Quasimodo skit he made famous at Rottnest', says a comment on PN.

"I am in a Rottnest Island club called the Winnit Club and go to camp there every Christmas and Easter," he explained.

"We are in a huge tent and I do lots of skits. I have been allowed to pack my Quasimodo outfit - so I will be doing Quasimodo in the house."

Rotto Bloggo doesn't watch a lot of Big Brother but we wish Terrence well. Any friend of Rottnest is a friend of ours.

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