Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bermuda short

We were browsing through Perth's Wikipedia entry recently when we saw this: It is the antipode of Hamilton, Bermuda.

Of course we knew it was around there somewhere - of course you don't get to China if you start digging here - but it's appropriate Rottnest's antipode is the delightful Caribbean isle.

They have a nice lighthouse (see pic: theirs is very vexillological); Bermuda is also an island; the official language is English; the water is very blue; Europeans saw it a long time ago; most of the trees are long gone and tourism is big.

Things you might not have known about Bermuda: it has the world's highest GDP - a whopping $US76,403; it has beaches with pink sand; Glamorgan captain David Hemp was born there.

We fiddled around with this tool and saw that it's not the exact other side of the globe: it's about 25km off. But near enough is good enough for antipodes.

Image © by James G. Howes, July, 2003

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