Monday, August 14, 2006

"Triple-headed catastrophe"

In a recent article on the "white elephant" that's the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre, a local newspaper had this to say about Rotto:
"...Rottnest is the state government's number one tourist icon, and one of the government's most troubled business ventures. Why? Because it is a triple-headed catastrophe combining government, business and tourism."
Goodness me. Does a catastrophe have heads?
Is Rotto a money pit? This is one of the things Rotto Bloggo will examine.
Your thoughts welcome...

Longreach Bay, July 2006

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  1. Bottomless pit I should think so. Successive governments have let infrastructure run down ... and then when in opposition blame the previous mob. The sewerage treatment plant (apart from being placed near The Basin which is funny but unfortunate) is in dire need of upgrading. The Water catchment tanks need to be sealed or they continually leak - when was that last done? Bores on the island were not to supplement potable water but to put out fires - but apparently there are so many of them teh pressure is a bit dodgy. The residents were shifted off the island in the late 1990's by the Liberals because they wanted to free-up the accomodation for tourists. And how many actually were I hear you ask - none! Perhaps the government needs to do what they are doing at the Wanneroo Council - sack the RIA, put administrators in charge and completely rewrite the Master Plans. After to you Sheila McHale MLA ... no perhaps not.