Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Exclusive pics!!!

Today Rotto Bloggo brings you the first pics of the new Thomson Bay bungalow ablution blocks. Yes, it's exciting stuff.
Before, if you were in a bungalow you had to schlep to the communal block to do your #1s or #2s, while the in-house showers were - how shall we put it? - spartan.
But no more.
The new shitters (sorry, we've just seen the film 'Kenny') are part of the RIA's renovation of all accommodation on Rotto.
The observant among you will have noticed that bungalow#330 had its own outdoor toilet for a while. Now all bungalows will have a separate loo/shower/sink. They'll be fenced and undercover. They'll also have their own paved front forecourts.
Take a look at these selected pics, taken today.
* Rotto Bloggo travelled to the island thanks to the Rottnest Island Authority - they paid for the $56 ferry ticket.

Will you be on one of these soon?

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