Saturday, July 24, 2010

tellies off?

We apologise for the break in transmission.

Thank goodness for the POST, which is stuffed with news of the beautiful island...

ROTTNEST AUTHORITIES ARE considering scrapping televisions.

The advent of digital TV, which happens in Perth in June 2013, is behind the move.

Island holidaymakers are being asked to complete Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) questionnaires on whether there should be TVs in units and bungalows.

"As the analogue system is phased out, the RIA is reviewing its provision of televisions," the flyer says.

"In order to maintain the current service all existing televisions will need to be replaced with digital sets.

"External antennae may also need to be installed to ensure reliable reception."

Visitors are asked to choose yes or no to the statement 'Televisions should be provided to all RIA accommodation'.

The RIA would not answer questions about the survey, how much it would cost to switch to digital TVs or how many televisions are in its units.

Regular Rottnest sojourner George Williams said he welcomed the end of TVs on the island.

"If I wanted to watch TV I'd stay at home," the Mosman Park resident said. "Rottnest is a place for fishing, walking, talking to people - not staring at a screen."

Mr Williams denied watching MasterChef every night during a recent week-long stint in north Thomson Bay.

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