Tuesday, July 06, 2010

back to reality

We have been back from the beautiful island for more than 48 hours but can only now blog about it - such has been the wrench back into reality.

Seven glorious nights in north Thomson and eight glorious days of fishing, reading, walking, Scrabble-playing, eating, drinking, cycling and touring.

Most of our images are not to hand: these show Mrs Rotto Bloggo greeting a curious creature and a spelling error made by an IGA shop as they parcelled up goodies for Rottnest delivery.

We would have blogged from the island but there were IT issues.

We bought $60 mobile broadband access but could not use it: once on Rotto Tesltra said the SIM card in our dongle was out-of-date, as it had not been used in six months.

"Look at your contract," the helpline wage slave advised.

We thought of trying our mobile card in the dongle but by then there were only two days to go, and the break from the screen had been restful.

We appreciated the T-Life store in Claremont refunding our money.


  1. Bento5:34 PM

    Nothing worse than being told your dongle's past its use by date.

  2. Bridget8:06 PM

    What's with the name Brophy? You know...I once used that name...a long time ago before I married two guys.