Monday, July 26, 2010

island beauty captured

More Rottnest art!

Ace reporter Linda Callaghan had this scoop in the POST.

We will be beetling down to Cambridge council post-haste.

Blow the budget and buy, buy, buy!

All hail Linda and other reporters who file reports about the beautiful island...

Glynis Morrison loves Rottnest Island, above the water and below.

Her endless fascination with the effects of light and shadow has led to her latest exhibition of oil paintings.

She is the fourth artist to exhibit at Cambridge council's Boulevard Centre, under the library at Floreat Forum, as part of a community arts program.

The collection is 60cm square oils on board.

"These paintings were inspired by annual visits to Rottnest," Ms Morrison said.

"Staying at Longreach or Geordie Bay, one is constantly aware of the huge vista of ocean beyond the little settlement of holiday villas."

Ms Morrison, who lives in Wembley Downs, said she had always painted, and completed her formal training in the early 1990s, as a mature-aged student at Claremont School of Art and Edith Cowan University.

She has previously shown work in Fremantle, Perth, Geraldton and at Chas Sturt University, New South Wales.

In 2002 Ms Morrison was first prize winner at the Broomehill Aquafest set up to promote Great Southern aquaculture.

The exhibition at Floreat runs until the end of August and the work is for sale.

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  1. I wish the Post was delivered in Palmyra.