Sunday, June 20, 2010


Allison and Jocelyn were given their marching orders from the beautiful island this week.

The plucky backpackers quote Seneca and Henry Miller on their blog and spent about a month on Rotto working at the Lodge before they were sacked.

"The low occupancy in the hotel was so low that there weren’t enough hours for all the waitresses. The managers needed to get rid of two waitresses, and because Allison and I were traveling together, it made it convenient for them to lay us of," they report on The Kangaroo Chronicles.

"Not only were we laid off, but we had to be off the island in 24 hours. Working as a backpacker can be cutthroat!"

They loved Rottnest so Rotto Bloggo thinks they're great.

They provided some insight into backpacker rooms, aka Donga City ("single rooms with paper thin walls all connected in a square shape, with an outdoor common area in the center of the dongas. We actually consider these housing units quite luxurious compared to some of the places we’ve stayed in Australia"), and also managed to pet a pooping quokka.

Rotto Bloggo wishes A & J happy travels and hope they got paid their entitlements.

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  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Work for backpackers is usually seasonal. It's reasonable to assume they knew that. Seeing as they were itinerant travellers, 24 hours seems a fair time for them to pack their rucksacks and hit the road again. :)