Friday, June 18, 2010


This in tomorrow's POST: what an outstanding paper.

Rotto Bloggo went into crisis talks when we heard the news and resolved we may have to carry the smoker.

When we told a near-neighbour about the luggage they said: "If you can't take a couple of cartons of Ferngrove over with you then the terrorists have won."

THE DAYS OF taking everything but the kitchen sink to Rottnest Island are over.

Authorities are cracking down on luggage that is too heavy.

They are warning holidaymakers overweight items will not be put on the ferry.

The Rottnest Island Authority says items cannot be more than 22kg.

Only two items per permanent bed will be transported.

Luggage cannot be larger than 500mm x 800mm.

“Failure to comply with this may being necessary to unpack and repack before or after arrival,” a flyer from the Authority sent to holidaymakers says.

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  1. This has been going on for a while. A good solution would be for the RTA to sell extra baggage tickets when they are required. It's not rocket science. At the moment they issue the same number of baggage tickets regardless of whether the stay is a short one of a few days or a longer one of couple of weeks. They should be aiming to make it easier for families to stay on Rottnest instead of making it more difficult.