Saturday, June 19, 2010

better battery

More scintillating news of the beautiful island from the POST...

Rottnest has won recognition for looking after a tall building.

Island people picked up a Heritage Council award for stabilising the battery observation post, even though the building is not on the state heritage list.

The post, at Signal Ridge, was built in the 1930s and was manned around the clock during World War Two.

Heritage manager Harriet Wyatt said the work took several months over winter last year.

“We had to battle some pretty harsh weather,” she said.

“There were site meetings in strong winds but we managed to stabilise and waterproof the building.”

Last week's rain tested the post but no water got in.

Ms Wyatt said Rottnest workers were committed to looking after buildings on the island.

“We don't pick and choose – just because something is not on the heritage register doesn't mean we won't care for it,” she said.

The work on the post cost more than $200,000.

Pic: Patsy Vizents, left, and Harriet Wyatt, of the Rottnest Island Authority, with Geof Mann (Myers Construction) and Kane Kelly (Safeway Contracting) by the restored Rottnest battery observation post. Photo Peter Baxendale.

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