Friday, December 19, 2008

twin Thomson tomes

Less than a week to go and you’re stuck for Xmas gifts? We’ve been watching a couple of eBay items.

The 1978 hardback of Freo and Rotto buildings ‘classified and recorded by the National Trust’ is a very reasonable $5.99. We saw it recently in that second-hand place on Bulwer St for around $20. But the postage is a killer.

Also stockingworthy is the Somerville: this 1976 copy of Rottnest island in History and Legend is in excellent condition and a very reasonable five bucks. But it’s in South Australia and the postage is $7.50.

Heavy sigh. Those clowns today at The Worst of Perth were talking about end-of-year lists in the meedja. We did one last year, of course. Maybe we’ll work on a top ten lists of greatest potential Rottnest Island Xmas presents.

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