Thursday, December 18, 2008

eagles' lair

Man oh man. We're still amazed at being electrified back into posting by yesterday's mention of Rotto on the Huffington Post. What next? The White House condemns Nicole Kidman for throwing shoes at whales from Ben Cousin's Geordie Bay unit?

Not so far-fetched, given the Shaven One's name was mentioned on the beautiful island this week during a WCE four-day team-building exercise.

'The camp will feature an 'Amazing Race' where players will go head-to-head in cycling and running challenges around Rottnest Island. There will also be a scavenger hunt that has players team up in small groups,' according to Glen Foreman on News Ltd.

John 'Woosha' Worsfold told Glen the camp was more about team-building than physical conditioning as the playing group prepared to break for Christmas holidays.

PerthNow had this gally of the players soaking up the beautiful island at Kingston after spending a small fortune at the bakery. Or did they bring their own sausages and buns?

That naughty Nick Naitanui didn't seem to have been wearing his bike helmet! Tsk tsk. But if that's the extent of the Eagles' problems in the next 12 months Woosha won't be too worried.

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  1. Bunch of shirtlifters if you ask me, bah!