Saturday, October 25, 2008

quokka song

We’re not familiar with Dan Warner’s work. He’s a musician in Melbourne, and according to Fairfax, ‘he has written songs and performed as part of the Warner Brothers, Overnight Jones, the cultish Dan & Al, Dan & Kev and as a solo artist, releasing 10 albums, including his new second solo record Night Parrots.’

But he’s alright by us: ‘He began playing the guitar at five and as a child growing up in Perth adored John Denver. Neil Young and Bob Dylan soon took the mantle and by the time Warner was 11 he had written his first song.

"It was about Rottnest Island and it even had a line about a quokka in it. It was called The Island and it was so bad."’

Rubbish! It must have been marvellous. We need more songs with quokka lyrics, and more songs about Rotto. The Quokkas Cricket Club are working on their team song, it seems, but we can’t see the words.


  1. Anonymous11:59 PM

    no comment on rottnest express breaking down last week?

  2. Whats happening to our romantic adventure????

  3. I'm a bit bored with Larissa and Nick. I'll try to post the rest of chapter 3, though...and tie in the breakdown as well??!!

  4. oh jesus. just send me the bloody book. Yes, life is that dull!

  5. Anonymous4:59 PM

    i think the dome will be open before you make a new post at this rate.