Wednesday, October 22, 2008

age of aquarius passed

How good is catching $200 worth of fish for about ten bucks worth of bait? Pretty outstanding. More on the fishing later: we’ve been tardy in blogging about our recent paradisiacal four days on Rottnest, and will try harder.

The plush bayfront Geordie unit was mostly in order. On the first morning there was an electrical issue: when we plugged in our Aquarius toaster, it shorted out half the place. A phone call to the accommodation crowd, and that afternoon a near-new Tiffany toaster was delivered (but they forgot to take the dud Aquarius with them).

The wire screen doors were an issue. The springs were buggered, so they would slam shut if you weren’t careful. “That bloody door”, someone would remark occasionally, as it (yet again) slammed.

There was also no ashtray.

But minor quibbles, these, for the luxury that is the beautiful island. More reports following in the next few days. We did like this Phil Haberland assessment of the Rotto zeitgeist: “I was sitting on the veranda of my Rottnest villa in Nappy Alley, overlooking Thomson Bay. For $200 a night, I was feeling as rich and spoilt as Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates. If you must endure school holidays, this isn't a bad place to prop for a week. In fact, I could think of no better place in the world.”

Phil noted the important-looking plaque outside the bike hire shed that Premier Barnett opened when he was Minister for Tourism in January 1994.

“…this island paradise remains one of the great jewels in the WA crown. It needs to be treasured and nurtured,” Phil wrote.

“People have been bagging the island of late, saying it's cheaper to go to Bali (blah, blah). But, if you haven't been over there for a few years, I suggest you go and have another look…to hear all the children say in unison, ‘Dad, can we come to Rottnest every year?’ is to confirm them as dinky-di West Australians.”

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  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    We were so impressed by the screen doors we saw at Rotto last year that we spent a bundle to have the same type fitted to our house. They've been great. Your toaster on the wall in the lower pic reminds me of the type of camper van English tourists drive about in. Lol.