Sunday, October 12, 2008

island time

In a few short hours we’ll be either strolling around Thomson Bay, sitting on our luxurious Geordie Bay balcony, or wetting a line off a jetty. Four days on Rotto. We last glimpsed the beautiful island a few days ago, from a retirement village in the heights of City Beach. It was a clear day, and it looked as though you could’ve jumped across.

We won’t be illegal fishing (today’s pic, of those naughty alleged fishermen the other day, is via Fisheries), or diving (see here for a science feature that opens off ‘the Australian resort island of Rottnest’) while trying to work out how to harness wave energy.

We’re taking three books, a pile of marking and a stubby holder. We’re not taking the laptop, the alarm clock or stress.

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  1. I like thousands of others in the northern hemisphere - envy you, it's a viscious almost viscous envy grating on every nerve that seeks summer, blue cold water and a beer at the quokka arms