Monday, December 11, 2006

That's ambitious

The Ashes bandwagon has moved to Perth: hordes of Australians - which include Rotto Bloggo - fully expect our glorious team to win back the urn by the end of the Test at the WACA.
If only an Australian Test cricketer had been born on Rotto! Kim Hughes was born in Margaret River, but no wearer of the baggy green took their first breath in a Rottnest bungalow.
Still, there is a link between the looming cricketfest and the wonderful island: The Australian reported on an English fan wandering the Perth streets with a sign that says: Will swap cricket tickets for Rottnest Island Ferry token.
Will he have any takers?

A seagull outside the bakery, before he heads off to the WACA to see Australia win back the Ashes.

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