Wednesday, December 20, 2006

'randy Rotto teens'

We can’t wait.

Rotto Bloggo will be moseying down to Pinky Beach on New Year’s Eve to see the action.

The action is liquored-up young people having sex.

According to last weekend’s Post, kids in Years 8 through 11 behave abominably on Rotto.

“…the worst of them behave like the worst of Year 12 school leavers – drinking, fighting, stealing and having sex…”, the Post reported.

“They crowd on to Pinky’s (sic) Beach every night, up to 200 boys and girls, many of them drunk when they get there.”

Top stuff. Rotto Bloggo hopes it’s happening Jan 31 – the Post said the imbibing/fisticuffs/robbing/boofing happened late last month.

The Post had a lovely front page photo of Pinky, with this stirring caption: ‘…idyllic by day, a boozy teen hotbed at night’.

What's this? A shirt torn off the torso of a randy teen at the start of a carnal frolic at Pinky, washed up on the beach the next day?

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