Friday, December 22, 2006

beach outrage

Someone should be sacked.

There's a report in the Sydney Morning Herald that just one Australian beach got the nod for a list of the world's sexiest beaches.

"Byron Bay was the sole Aussie beach to get a nod from Forbes Traveller, which compiled the list based on research by their own journalists, and other industry experts including tour planners, meteorologists, hotel owners and marine biologists," the SMH said.

FT gushed thus about BB: ""chalky-white sands, deliciously temperate weather and occasional visits from dolphins and migrating whales".

Its nudist beach was also highly regarded.

Someone's head must roll: why didn't one of Rotto's beaches make the list? They are far, far superior to any hippie-strewn bit of sand on the east coast.

Would it help if Rotto had a nude beach?

At least none of the Gold Coast's 42 beaches made the cut.

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