Friday, August 13, 2010

poor line

We loved this letter in last week's POST about idiot boxes on the beautiful island.

The correspondent, of course, wrote one of the great Rottnest books: respec'.

'Your report, “Tellies are off at Rotto” (POST, 24/7), outlined how Rottnest authorities were considering scrapping TVs.

'George Williams, a regular visitor to the island, summed up the feeling of many, saying "if I wanted to watch TV I'd stay at home".

'Mr Williams' comment brought back memories of an item in The West Australian of February 1967 which told of the poor telephone access to Rottnest after 5pm.

It concluded with the laconic footnote: "Many people visit Rottnest to escape telephones".'


  1. shazza6:54 AM

    Keep the TVs. They are perfect for settling the kiddies after a long day cycling, fishing, swimming etc.

    If you don't want to watch don't turn it on.

  2. if your kids can't settle without watching TV shazza try panadol and cough syrup, knocks em right out...