Monday, March 15, 2010

sea of numbers

Can you do tables in Blogger? We normally leave these questions to more tech-savvy/younger colleagues, but tables would be good for this information.

We have the financials for last year's Rottnest Channel Swim and quoted from them in a POST story on the weekend.

THE ROTTNEST CHANNEL Swim had a surplus of more than $51,000 last year.

The epic event generated just over $622,000 in income, the majority of which came from entry fees ($456,564).

Sponsorship provided $94,193, merchandise sales were $40,022 and swim number plates netted nearly $11,000.

The swim's biggest expenses were water safety, beach set-up and briefings ($107,439), t-shirts ($58,251), landing fees ($25,701) and public liability insurance ($22,376).

The Rottnest Channel Swim Association organises the event: its biggest costs were an admin officer's salary ($73,308) and wages for an admin assistant ($14,516).

The timing system for the race cost $7705 and security $2930.

Association president Ceri Writer said money went to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Fremantle Volunteer Sea Rescue and the Starlight Foundation.

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