Friday, March 26, 2010


Neighbors, do yourself a favor, Don't you mess with my baby when I'm working all night, You know that neighbors steal off of my table, Steal off of my table, ain't doing all right...

The Stones had it wrong - (and they can't spell) - for proof look no further than today's POST which has a scintillating story about neighbours, the beautiful island and Powerball-like luck...

NORMALLY YOU BOOK a holiday to get away from the neighbours.

But South Thomson on Rottnest is going to be much like home for two Mosman Park families next month.

The Campbells and the Kellys live next door to each other in Victoria Street.

They entered the island Easter ballot earlier this month and said their prayers to the great accommodation god.

This week they got their island paperwork confirming they have units next to each other.

“It must be odds of 10,000 to one,” said 13-year-old Maddie Kelly.

South Thomson wasn't the first choice of both families.

“I always tick the last box which say we'll take anything, anytime,” mum Nat Campbell said.

Also on the island for six glorious nights will be dad Ian Campbell and sons Will (11), Henry (8) and five-year-old Charlie, and parents Chrissie and Damian Kelly and their other daughter Eliza, 11.

“We'll be there for longer if someone cancels,” Ian said.

The two families are very close and even have a gate connecting their two back gardens.

They refer to their Mosman Park homes as the Campbell-Kelly resort and did not rule out knocking down a wall to connect their Rottnest accommodation.

On the schedule is the traditional first night Geordie Bay barbeque, a curry night and progressive dinners with other friends on Rottnest at the same time.

There will also be lots of fishing.

Ian said Rottnest was perfect and would change nothing about it.

“It's all fantastic no matter where you are,” he said.

Eliza said Geordie was her favourite spot.

“But Nappy Alley is still pretty good,” she said.

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