Sunday, March 02, 2008

quokkas are wunderbare

Quokka consciousness has been high lately. We were diverted by sharks yesterday (a Rotto Bloggo informant sent us a pic of the Channel 7 news chopper hovering over Thompson Bay yesterday), but it's been primarily Setonix brachyurus.

Last week a Rotto Bloggo associate was on the beautiful island and said there wasn't a quokka to be seen. "...the man at the museum said that they were all over behind the lodge or something - where there was lots of tree cover because they are nocturnal.....I mean, we were even at the pub til 5.45 and no quokkas turned up there", she reported.

They could still have been celebrating Matt Henjak's sacking from his rugger team Western Farce. Poor old Matt. He said he feels abandoned by Australian rugby. But even he was able to admit: "I've certainly made some mistakes and handled things the wrong way at times." Yes, like the way you handled the quokkas. Good riddance.

In more quokka news: have you got 69 Euro spare? If so, you'll love this treaure on eBay. It's "wunderbare" - even we know that means wonderful. Hold your breath: here's the translation (of course Babelfish means Rottnest instead of rotting nest):

...marvelous old Australian bronze animal figure. "QUOKKA" around 1900th small Australian rodent, occurrence mainly on rotting nest Iceland fine artistic execution true to nature, see to photo wonderful old patina. Sculptor determines assign. Overall height of ca.10cm, rarely high-quality, ageconditioned good collecting tank condition, wonderful high-quality COLLECTING TANK OBJECT...

Finally, The Worst of Perth was kind enough to show Rotto Bloggo a book which contained this fabulous image of two quokkas taking a long draught from a tinny of industrial-strength Swan Lager. Marvellous stuff. Very illegal these days on the beautiful island of course. Was Matt Henjak on the Swan or Emu when he picked up the quokka, do you think? Thanks to TWOP: I can exclusively reveal TWOP blog may run a selection of images from the book in the near future...

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  1. I actually think the second quokka is taking advantage of the alcoholic distraction to throw a quick leg over. I'm sure I've read something about lesbianism in the quokka population too, or I may have dreamed it. Time for a revisiting of the old swan lager graphics, if not the steel can.