Saturday, March 22, 2008

easter in the west

This web page sums up Rottnest on Easter, Easter in Perth and how much meaningful religion there is in Easter.

It's supposedly about the Rotto 2007 Easter Ballot, but - there's nothing there. No words, just pics of people silently enjoying the charms of the beautiful island.

An associate of Rotto Bloggo's is right this minute soaking up the blissful intoxication of Rotto (she did well in the Rotto 2008 Easter Ballot, which started on the last day of October). She's in a touched-up bungalow. We were driven by ravenous envy last night and drove to Scarbs to eat fish and chips while looking at the sunset and peering at the outlines of the gorgeous limestone outcrop. It was too much: we called her, and had out worst fears confirmed: she'd had several libations already and was revelling in the luxury.

We encouraged her to at least think of the Fenians tomorrow: it was Easter Sunday, 1876, when the Catalpa lay at anchor between Rottnest and Garden Island, before helping stage the greatest jailbreak in colonial history.

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