Monday, November 13, 2006

More air

More air details, following yesterday's plane crash on Rotto...
We went to the incomparable All The News In A Flash (see the Flash book post) to see what we could learn about Rotto and planes.
"Somerville records that the first aeroplane landed at Rottnest in January 1930," ATNIAF says.
"He goes on to say about night flights: 'However, Captain Baker and later Mr V James made a number of night flights using landing flares which consiusted of kerosene rags in open containers'.
"Did these people realise they were lighting the first kerosene flares as signals from the island since the City of York wreck in 1899?"
ATNIAF notes 1968 was the last MMA flight to Rotto, then a light plane service started.

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