Sunday, November 12, 2006

"An island"

Some hilarious reporting from ABC News today: “Two people have been freed from a light plane which crashed on an island off the coast of Perth”.
An island! Isn’t that like saying planes have crashed into buildings in an American city?
Anyway…ABC says six pax were on the plane, police are investigating; Perth Now says the pax were lucky, the plane came down on a salt lake.
No word on type of plane (Beechcraft? Piper? Cessna?).
But we can reveal the pranged plane is a Partenavia P68B – they’re made in Italia and have fixed undercarriages. The plane was made in 1978. Partenavias are widely used around the world.
The flight was a charter by The Aeroplane Company, based at Jandakot.
A source tells Rotto Bloggo it’s the worst-ever air incident on Rotto.
Of course, as any fule kno, Rotto was serviced by commercial twin-engine aircraft for many years until the ferries became much faster.
* Pax = airline industry argot for passengers

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