Thursday, August 07, 2008

olympics and rotto

The Games at Smoggy Bottom are less than 24 hours away, yet we've been searching in vain for a strong link between the Olympics and the beautiful island.

Has Stephanie Rice partied at Pinkys? Did Daria Joura ever play on the monkey bars between Dome and the tea rooms? Has Cadel Evans ever zipped out on his bike to the West End (taking three minutes to do so)?

It seems not. The closest connection we could find was endurance swimmer Penny Palfrey (who did the Rottnest swim last year) being presented with a gong in Townsville by Olympic swimmer Elka Graham.

There are sharks in the water. Here's another story about a Gage Roads crosser: "Cameron Clyne has to kick hard against rough currents, fierce headwinds and sharks in the oceans where he swims."

The bloke is head honcho at National Australia Bank. "Clyne shrugs off the threat of sharks prowling in the waters off Perth in Western Australia, where he competes in the annual Rottnest channel race. 'You don't have to be the fastest swimmer. You just have to be faster than the slowest swimmer,' he told reporters."

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  1. So you're the person who searched Rottnest and Olympics together. I was wondering why someone would do that... and end up at my blog, somehow (

    At least now I know.