Saturday, April 28, 2007


A Rotto Bloggo reader has drawn our attention to another great post on local blog fremantlebiz.

(We look at the blog’s rant on allegedly overpriced and disappointing cream buns from the bakery earlier this week).

This time Paul has reproduced a letter he wrote to the Rottnest Island Authority in 1990, after a 10-day family stay in a Rotto bungalow.

“This letter is not written in anger, but of concern for improvement, and I appreciate that yours is not an easy task,” Paul begins, very diplomatically.

Then: advice on signs, “squalidness”, the general store, rubbish, a dead quokka in a pond, plastic bags, blocked toilets, fire safety, “urban cancer”, loud music on Friday and Saturday nights, stolen bikes, vomit…Paul’s bungalow was “adequate”, though.

There was no reply to Paul’s 1627-word missive.

If only we all wrote such letters when we were disappointed by shoddy service or standards.

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  1. I hope you're noting all the good things Paul has to say after his recent trip to Rotto too, ha ha!