Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Yet another fabulous Flickr photo of the magnificent island.

This is by LozzaWA, and was taken at nine in the evening, six days ago.

"Full moon rising after a lovely balmy day at Rotto," Lozza says.

"We went for the day to snorkel and decided to stay overnight. Magic day, took my partner who hadn't been to Rotto before (he's from South Africa) and had some special swims at Cape York bay and of course the Basin, the jewel of Rotto."

Quite right. There's nothing like chasing fish underwater at the Basin. They nearly let you catch them.

Another fabbo Flickr photo coming soon.

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  1. David, I'm going to have to stop visiting your blog - I come over with symptoms that are a cross between love sickness and hunger pains... looks like I'm not going to get to the Island this summer and that's a travesty. Oh well, here's hoping!