Sunday, October 22, 2006

"We want piss!"

A blast from the past: Rotto Bloggo was reminiscing with someone who told us about 6PM Radio Rotto days…
(For the younger, foreign and/or uninitiated, 6PM was a hot commercial AM radio station in Perth in the 1980s).
The station would broadcast from Rotto on Australia Day long weekends - Rotto Bloggo’s pal takes up the story…
“E even if the 26th of January fell on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday back then, we'd go to work on the 26th and there'd still be a Monday holiday…
“All the stars were on the island for 6PM Radio Rotto: Lionel ‘Yorkie’ Yorke, Gary Shannon, Baby John Burgess. It was huge. Loads of people used to get on the ferry, charge across to Rotto and get blotto…
“Accommodation wasn't checked back in those days: if you had nothing booked, you'd get on the ferry, head over and pretty much sleep wherever you fell over. If that was in the sleepout in someone's bungalow... luxury!
“The Rottnest ferries would do several extra runs on a Friday night - all packed with people, so there were invariably far more people coming onto the island than there were beds (of course everything's closely monitored these days so this couldn't happen today).
“Of course there was a bit of drinking. This was back in the days when pubs could only open at about 3pm on a Sunday…by the time three o’clock was approaching, the crowd was restless.
“They’d start queuing at the entrance to the Quokka Arms, and chant ‘WE WANT PISS! WE WANT PISS!’
“I was at Bathurst Point one time when the pub gates opened at three: I could tell it was three, because you heard this almighty cheer as the drunken throng stampeded into the pub to drink even more booze.”
Happy days. All gone now. Enjoy your Johnny Walker responsibly and all that.

Do you think the 6PM throng were big Kosovich fans?

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